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Security flaw allows full access to locked iPhones

posted Aug 28th 2008 3:00am by
filed under: cellphones hacks, iphone hacks, news, security hacks

[greenmymac] on the MacRumors forums recently exposed a security flaw that allows anyone full access to a locked iPhone running firmware version 2.0.2. The flaw works by entering the emergency call menu of a locked iPhone, and double tapping the home button. This opens the iPhone’s Favorites menu, allowing anyone in your Favorites to be called. From here, an attacker has access to your SMS messages and potentially your email or Safari browser. While we are sure that Apple has a patch for this flaw on the way in the next firmware update, there is a temporary way to secure your locked iPhone. Simply enter the Settings menu on your iPhone and enter General > Home Button and select “Home” or “iPod”. Now when you double tap your home button, it will navigate to either your home screen or the iPod screen. While this fix might be annoying for some, as of right now it seems like the only way to secure your locked iPhone.

[photo: Refracted Moments™]

[via Gizmodo]

iPhone 3G Ultrasn0w unlock released

posted Jun 23rd 2009 12:25pm by
filed under: cellphones hacks, iphone hacks, macs hacks

The iPhone dev-team has released Ultrasn0w to SIM unlock the iPhone 3G running the 3.0 firmware. It’s available via Cydia, which installs when you use the recently released PwnageTool to unlock the 3.0 firmware. There doesn’t seem to be any caveats besides advising T-Mobile US users to turn off 3G before install.

diy portable amp for beginners

posted Jan 17th 2005 4:00am by
filed under: misc hacks, portable audio hacks

minty amp

as cool as the minty mp3 is, you’ll probably want a minty amp to go with it so you can hear your fresh tunes at proper jaw rattling volume.  and unlike limor’s awesome mp3 player, this one is a great way for a beginner to get started with hacking audio electronics.

Upgrading the Cisco PIX 506E

posted Sep 28th 2008 2:37pm by
filed under: misc hacks, news, peripherals hacks

[Albert] read the Cisco PIX Wiki, and discovered that the motherboard of the PIX 506E is the same as the PIX 525, which has a 600Mhz Coppermine Pentium III CPU. So he took his Cisco PIX 506E and upgraded it by swapping out the Celeron 300Mhz, with a Pentium III 600Mhz and populating the second PC100 RAM slot inside. The system only shows 448Mhz instead of 600Mhz, but it does recognize the PIII, and there are no problems.  The CPU load has dropped to 0% after the CPU swap, and RAM upgrade.

Turtles all the way down, 40 Propeller MCU skyscraper

posted Oct 8th 2010 6:34am by
filed under: Microcontrollers, misc hacks

Why bother interconnecting 40 Propeller microcontrollers one on top of the other? For the power that comes from parallel processing of course! [Humanoido] put the setup together for a total of 1280 ports, 640 counters, and more all running at 6.4 billion instructions per second for the low low price of 300-500$ by our count. The “skyscraper” even comes complete with software and schematics, promising developers the ability to expand or adapt for any venture. Why would we need such a setup in the first place? For any of the following: vision tracking/modification, artificial intelligence, advanced robotic control, or more.

Related: [Humanoido] loves putting MCUs together, check out one of his other creations the Basic Stamp supercomputer.

[Thanks Logan996]

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